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Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises

  • By Jennifer D
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We are a couple who was fortunate enough to have enough money to afford traveling around the world. Going on a cruise is something that can take you back in time and this is something we wanted to experience. We chose Oceania Cruises because it offers trips all over the world and because all the trips are affordable. Many other cruises cost double or three times as much for the same type of adventure.

The Oceania Cruises has a fleet of 5 ships of two sizes. Sirena, the sixth vessel is expected to join the fleet in 2016. The Marina and Riviera ships can accommodate up to 1250 guests, while the rest of the ships not more than 685 guests. We chose to sail aboard Riviera because most people recommended it.

Oceania Cruises stand out for the food. There are several restaurants on board each vessel and each of them has outstanding menu. The food is fresh, delicious and the chef very talented. The staff in the restaurant is also very nice and helpful. If you don’t want to go back home a few pounds heavier it is best to stay away from the tempting desserts and to avoid using the elevator.

There is one thing you need to know before booking your trip: the cruise ship is designed in such a way to make friends with everyone on board, including the personnel. Our vessel had a spa as well, however you need additional booking to enjoy a treatment. Our ship was not designed for having children on board, but they are allowed to join the trip. Make sure to bring entertainment for the little ones if you plan a family getaway as to avoid disturbing the rest of the passengers.

We also liked that the ship has a no-smoking policy, however smokers have a few specially designed areas for their habit. We had a great experience on board of Riviera