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season travel mistakes

Top 10 holiday season travel mistakes

  • By Bob.K
  • Travel Tips

These days we have many choices when it comes to enjoying the holiday season. Regardless of preference, it is impossible to be completely satisfied with the decision. Additionally, those who travel abroad are bound to make some mistakes they might end up regretting later because they didn’t do their research. These are the top 10 holiday season travel mistakes that you can avoid.

Not having your passport ready on time
All international trips require a passport valid for six months after your return. If this is not the case, you better apply to have it renewed. Remember that authorities process passport requests in about 6 weeks, therefore you need to apply for a new one some 2 months before your international trip. 

Delaying booking a flight
Many people want to pay as little as possible for their airfare. This is only possible if you reserve your seat early on. To save money, don’t get the cheapest one either: better to pay a little more and have some additional services included.

Wanting to see to many things
Many destinations have more than one thing to see and learn about. Don’t try to see all of them because you will get tired and not be able to enjoy your vacation. It is better to focus on a handful of tourist attractions.

Letting other influence your decisions
Not everyone likes the same things. Listening to others’ stories about their trips will make you want to also visit those places. Better search for the attractions and activities the place has to offer and then decide if it’s something you would like to experience.

Stuffing your bags
Many folks make the mistake of packing too many things, especially clothes. Check the weather and see if you will really need everything. Remember that it is better to pack stuff you do need rather than those you think you need.

This is especially true for those traveling on a budget. One way of protecting your wallet is to find activities and attractions that can be enjoyed for free. This way you may have more fun than expected.

Not notifying your bank about your trip
While it is better to pay in cash, sometimes using your credit or debit card is easier. Banks might cancel your card if they're not aware of your plans to travel abroad.

Not making copies of important documents
It is best to have several copies of your travel related documents. If the originals get stolen or lost you will have your copies that will help you have other documents re-issued. Additionally, never carry the originals with you while out and about.

Exchanging money
When traveling to another country you will need to pay in local currency. The best exchange rates are not in your country, nor in the airport, nor at the hotel, but somewhere else in the city you visit. Don't exchange a lot of money at once either.

Not knowing anything about the country you go to
It is best to get informed beforehand about local laws, social norms, and anything else that you might find acceptable but may not be so in the country you go to.