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Air travel and pregnancy

Air travel and pregnancy

  • By Bob.K
  • Travel Tips

Traveling is super easy these days, and getting on a plane is routine for some people. However things can get really complicated when a pregnant woman goes aboard a plane. Ever since flights became a popular means of transportation, women started experiencing something new: giving birth mid air while others miscarried. This doesn’t mean that mothers to be can’t travel by air at all because these situations can be avoided if enough attention and care is put into traveling, before it happens. They do need to carefully choose the date and to receive advice from their health care provider. These are some tips to consider if you’re pregnant and you need to get to any place by airplane.

The first tip is to wait for your second semester to fly. There are several reasons for making this choice. The first of them is that the morning sickness period is most likely gone by this point. At the same time, the risk of losing your baby at this time is considerably reduced. Remember that most airlines will refuse to embarc women who passed their 36th week of pregnancy because at that stage they can give birth prematurely.

The second tip would be to avoid flying altogether if you have a difficult pregnancy. You should probably avoid traveling as well, however there might be some trips that cannot be avoided or delayed. If you must travel by all means, you should consider any other ways of doing so, even if it lasts for longer as to reduce all risks.

All pregnant women should get a final check-up before the departure time. At the same time, they should ask for the name of a good doctor or midwife at the destination point. Leaving for a really small town will reduce all options, and you might have to consult with whoever is available there. It might be best to have another check-up after reaching your destination as well.

Before booking any flight, pregnant women should also check out the airline’s rules regarding this aspect as not all of them have the same restrictions. Additionally, the regulations regarding pregnancies will also contain a set of guidelines that should be considered. If you make it safely on the plane, make sure to seek maximum comfort. Aisle seats are the ones recommended to pregnant ladies. Usually the air in the cabin is dry, therefore drinking a lot of water is indicated and not only to the future mothers.

Additionally, if you’re a flight attendant you might want to discuss about your worries with your superiors. You might want more hours on ground, or even a transfer to a different department until after you give birth and are able to resume work.

The last thing you should do is to research as much as possible on experiences of other women who traveled by air at various stages during their pregnancies. The more of these you read the more prepared you are for your own flight. You will be better prepared and you will be able to stop worrying regarding some aspects.